Domestic steel prices out of a wave of upward market. Billet prices are still the most sensitive market reaction of the nerve, has now pulled up to 3080 yuan point, the cumulative increase of 130 yuan! Pre-position lost again! Finished products, long products, sheet metal, pipe, profiles have different amplitude pull up performance. The market trading atmosphere is active, individual steel tide, but some varieties of high turnover encountered resistance, there is a callback situation.

Cold rolled coil prices, as of May 19, the domestic 10 key cities 1.0mm CRC prices for the average price of 3761 yuan, up 73 yuan over the same period last week, down 56 yuan over the same period last month. Inventory, as of May 19, the domestic 24 key cities cold rolled coil inventory of 1077,600 tons, compared with the same period last year by 12,700 ton

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Time : 2020-09-21
Steel bargain hunters have the opportunity
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