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Directly buried insulation pipeline

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The directly buried steel sleeve steam insulated pipe is made of a combination of steel pipes, anticorrosive steel pipes and super fine glass wool filled with steel pipes and outer steel pipes. It can also be made of graphite, calcium silicate tiles and polyurethane foam. Steel casing (steel sleeve steel) embedding technology is a new embedding technology with waterproof, leak proof, impermeability, compression resistance and full closure. It is a great breakthrough in the application of direct burial technology in areas with high groundwater level. The primary problem of the protective pipe of directly buried pipeline is the reliability of tight waterproof. In addition, it should have good mechanical strength. Due to the high strength of steel casing, welded connection is adopted, and the reliability of waterproof sealing performance is very high. In addition, its high temperature resistance is unmatched by other external protective pipes. In areas with high groundwater level, in order to ensure that groundwater does not affect the normal operation of steam directly buried pipelines, the outer protective layer shall be solid and closed steel pipe shell.



Steel jacketed steel insulation pipe has the excellent characteristics of high-efficiency insulation, waterproof, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, light capacity, high strength, simple and fast construction, not afraid of plant roots and thorns. It has become an indispensable material for thermal insulation, waterproof plugging and sealing in industrial departments such as construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, refrigeration and so on. Directly buried thermal insulation pipes are used for thermal insulation, cold insulation engineering, oil pipeline engineering, steam transmission and other pipeline engineering of various indoor and outdoor pipelines, central heating pipelines, central air conditioning pipelines, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial pipelines.

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